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Who Am I?
Hi, I'm Natan Birman Manoim.

And I know the words for “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz by heart.


Other than that, I’m a business developer, entrepreneur, an infinite learner, social activist, Itamar’s dad, and Irene’s partner in life. After my service as a captain in the Israeli navy, I worked as a business development director for an operational technology implementation company named IOTT, while providing consulting services to different companies; mainly on how to establish an in-house business development team, and create a methodology that will suit the company’s needs.

Natan Birman Manoim.PNG

In 2016, I co-founded and served as VP BizDev of Legally; A company that aspired to revolutionize the way legal services are provided. During Legally's two year run, we helped thousands of people in three different geographical markets understand legal agreements before they signed, using a combination and AI and real lawyers. Along the way we made some very good decisions, and we've made some horrible once. My goal is to share them all. 

Around that time, I've led the campaign for mandatory financial education as part of the Israeli education system. During that adventure (we've made it! Yay!) I've learned how to maneuver in the government policy and regulation field, and manage an effective PR campaign.

In 2018 I became the CEO of Yashar; a political startup that serves as a technological and ideological platform for participatory democracy. You can see me talk about it here (Hebrew). Yes, I said ten mandates. The world belongs to dreamers [Insert shrug emoji]. 

Currently, I'm part of Fiverr's business strategy team, leading the business development and Partnership efforts.

For any comments, questions, consulting, and lecture reservations:

You can also find me on social media with the links below.

If you are an entrepreneur at the beginning of your adventure and would like not to make the mistakes I've made, I invite you to join me for my morning/evening commute; simply book one of the available slots for a 20-30 minutes phone call (depends on traffic).

And last, but most important – In our day and age, the fact that you are willing to lend your attention to the things I write is not taken for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

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